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Always more

Coastal Inspire is not just about securing your event. You will ALWAYS get MORE with us.

We follow the philosophy that the service must be above standard and that includes the smooth running of the whole event. We know from experience that the problem usually arises when coordinating several suppliers. For the smooth running of the events, we started to provide all activities related to events, from small to large. This prevents problems and we can also provide you with better prices, as you have everything under one roof.

Activities that are not provided by ordinary agencies include, for example:

  • promo video from the event
  • photography during the event
  • provision of snacks and beverages
  • promotional items as a reminder of the event
  • seasonal surprises for the participants of the event (chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, Santa’s packages for Santa’s, sweets for Children’s Day)
  • gift baskets, raffle packages
  • printing of invitations for the event
  • aroma marketing (fragrances for action that evoke a certain atmosphere)
  • graphic work around the event
  • import and transport of people to the event

Because you will ALWAYS get MORE with us.